More Roll Bar Pictures

Here is another view of the main hoop



A close-up of the diagonal bar and harness bar. Note the greasy fingerprints.



The left leg of the main hoop welded to the floor. The black stuff on the floor is the sound deadening that I partially scraped up.



Another angle of the left leg. Note the backup plate runs up the door sill for extra strength. The floor back there is nothing but a single layer of sheetmetal.



This is the right leg of the main hoop where it meets the floor.



This is the left rear bar where it meets the wheel well. The bulge in the rear bulkhead is for shock mount clearance. Two of the shock mount nuts can be reached through the two holes in the bulkhead. I wish I knew about those when i installed the rear shocks.



A shot of the left rear bar from the right rear door. The bar follows the lines of the roof and c-pillar.



The left rear bar from outside the car


The right rear bar where it meets the main hoop


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