How NOT to repair an oil pan!

After bottoming out a few times too many, I discovered that I had a BMW Valdez as I was leaving oil spots everywhere I parked. Although I had no gaping hole in the pan, the leading edge had obviously scraped the ground many times. It looked like oil was weeping right through the aluminum. Since a new pan is over $200 and pulling the pan to have it welded is a pain in the ass, I decided to do what any DFLer would do: fix it with JB Weld . Again, I highly recommend against doing this. Anyway, pulled the drain plug out let the car sit for about an hour to allow as much oil to drain as possible. Then I removed the oil level sensor and sprayed brake cleaner inside the pan towards the scraped section by bending the small spray tube. The last step was to clean the outside of the pan with more brake cleaner. After letting the car sit for another hour, I was fairly confident that most of the nasty chemicals had evaporated and mixed up some JB Weld. I pushed the JB Weld into all the scrapes with a piece of cardboaard and then applied a final coat. The instructions say let the JB weld sit overnight so I didn't fill the car with oil until the next day. After a couple hours, it seems like the JB Weld is holding.

Ed 6/11/01

The car is still holding oil after over a year.  Long live JB Weld.



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