Polyurethane Upper Control Arm Bushings

I went through a few sets of the regular machined 750il bushings and finally got tired of installing bushings every six months. I ponied up for the steeply priced polyurethane bushings from BMP. I don't feel any difference in performance, however that have lasted twice as long as the 750il bushings and still show no signs of deterioration. Due to the high price, I can recommend these pieces only if you find yourself changing the 750il bushings often. (Once a year or sooner) The bushings were marked with "Eurothane 106" I think. Does anyone have an alternative source for these bushings?

There are some installation and removal pictures below.


A polyurethane bushing next to a stock E28 piece.


Poly bushing installed in a control arm.



I'm removing the stock bushing from a new control am using a 25 ton hydraulic press and a large socket for a mandrel. Mandrel size is important. Too small and you just push the rubber out of the shell. Too large and it will not pass through the control arm.

Another angle. You can install bushings the same way.


In this picture, I'm using a factory-style tool to press the poly bushing into the control arm. The tool comes with a threaded rod a couple of mandrels. I think the extra mandrels work on E30 front control arm bushings.



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